Ancient Worlds of the Bible


Do Archaeology and the Bible agree? Discover incredible stories from the past and powerful prophecies for today. Explore archaeological evidence that supports prophecies delivered in the Bible. Discover the key to interpreting these ancient prophecies and find the answers about what is coming next.

Designed to fit any evangelistic series designed around Archaeology and history


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SermonView offers comprehensive marketing bundles that cover everything you need to get the word out about your event.

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Every campaign is designed to touch more interests with a perfect mix of direct mailers, banners, road signs, and other resources.


With our unique 5-point demographic analysis, we take the time to understand the community you will be reaching.

Event Mailers


6" x 11" Jumbo Card Mailing

Can display up to 3 nights

Quantities start at 5,000

Oversized card stands out from other mail

Strong cover art with focused offer

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11" x 17" Bi-fold Mailing

Can display up to 10 nights

Cost-effective at quantities over 25,000

Large size takes over the mailbox

Strong cover art with focused offer

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See more people through your doors! Each bundle below will save you money while giving you the best promotional coverage for your budget. We've combined the basic necessities your church needs to engage your members and a mixed marketing package that will reach more people in your local area. Need help deciding? Call our marketing experts at 1-800-525-5791.

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Digital Promotional Resources

Social Media Advertising

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Online Registrations

Our pre-registration platform creates custom-crafted, mobile-friendly pages designed to encourage event registration.
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Interest Management

Your event registrations will be automatically added to your church's interest list database in InterestTracker.
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Downloadable Resources

All reaping campaigns include exclusive access to downloadable, ready-to-use resources designed by us, for churches.

Presentation Slides (SD & HD Versions)

Blank slides specially crafted to accompany your meeting with coordinating graphics and ready-to-use formats.

Bulletin Inserts and Announcements

Full-color inserts and bulletin announcements for the weeks leading up to your event.

Event Graphics Content

All campaigns include exclusive graphics content, logo files, Facebook-ready images, corresponding web graphics, and more—designed to speak to your community’s felt needs.

Promotional Slides

Matching slides designed to advertise your meetings to your members weeks before the big event.

Matching Campaign Videos

Many campaigns come with matching video trailers and content that can be personalized to complement your event.

Plus More!

Each campaign comes with a unique bundle of downloadable resources designed to help you lead successful meetings, from start to finish.

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