Four Reasons Why Our Video Ads Are So Effective

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Did you know that on Facebook, users engage with video content 5 times longer than they do with a static image? Today we’ll show you how video ads can increase attendance at your next evangelistic event.

Facebook Ads Have Higher Engagement Rates

People are drawn to watching videos online. Whether it’s an exciting movie trailer, quick how-to-tip or animals dancing around the house, videos have more views, more likes, and more comments on Facebook than any other type of content. And this goes for video advertising as well.

When it comes to Facebook advertising, video ads have a much higher engagement rate than static images, this includes comments and shares. We also know that content with higher engagement gets preferenced by Facebook. This means that with video ads, you can reach a wider audience at a lower cost.

Here at Sermonview Evangelism Marketing, we know how to create effective Facebook video ads that will reach more people and get more attendees to your next evangelistic event.

Four Reasons Why Our Video Ads Are So Effective:

We Create Video Ads That Are Varying Lengths

First, we create video ads that are varying lengths, depending on audience and purpose. There is no magic size when it comes to Facebook advertising. An ad too short may leave your audience confused and uninterested. An ad too long could mean that your audience doesn’t stay to see your call to action at the end. That’s why we create different ads, for different purposes, so more people hear about your event.

We Create Professional-looking Video Ads

Second, we create professional-looking video ads. It might seem easy enough to make a video ad on Facebook, but there are a lot of factors that must be considered when producing your own video. Today’s audience is quality-sensitive. We are used to watching professional, well-written and well-produced videos. The quality of the video speaks to the quality of your event, so if you’re going to hold a professional, high-quality event, your video advertising needs to match.

We Write Scripts That Enhance the Effectiveness of the Ad

Third, we write scripts that enhance the effectiveness of your video ad. As professional marketers, we know what words and phrases will catch your audience’s attention and compel them to engage with your ad. We understand the goal of the video is to provoke action, in most cases people registering for your event.

We Personalize Your Video Ad Specifically for Your Event

And finally, we personalize your video ad specifically for your event. This means that your audience will see a video that visually matches your mailing, banners, and website registration site. Everything is part of a cohesive package with a clear visual identity.

See How High-Quality Video Ads Will Work for You

Video is a powerful tool that needs to be part of your modern evangelism marketing mix. Call SermonView today and let us produce a Facebook video ad for your next evangelistic event that will capture your audience’s attention and increase attendance at your next event.

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