Improving Your Facebook Relevance Score

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Your Facebook Relevance Score Matters

If you want your video ad to reach more people on Facebook, then your ad needs to have a high “relevance score.” Today we’ll tell you what that is, why it matters, and how can you increase it.

What is a Relevance Score?

Facebook likes content that engages its users. The more a post gets liked, or shared, or clicked, or commented on, the more Facebook likes it. To measure engagement, they developed a metric called a “Relevance Score.”

Facebook preferences content with higher scores. The higher the score, the more people it gets shown to users. That’s why the top posts in your feed are ones with lots of reactions and comments. These are posts with a high relevance score.

Advertisements are also assigned this score, which is where things get interesting. Ads with a higher score are displayed more prominently on user feeds. That means ads with a higher score will reach more people, without increasing your costs. In fact, ads with a higher relevance score cost less per-view and less per-click than ads with lower scores.

A relevance score is also a good way for you to measure how effective your content is with an audience. A high score means that you’re reaching people that are connecting with your messaging. If you have a low score you are either reaching the wrong audience or don’t have a compelling enough message to get engagement.

Three Ways to Improve Your Facebook Relevance Score

First, know who you want to reach. Figure out exactly who you want to see your ads, then define your target audience to reach those people.

Here at SermonView Evangelism Marketing, we’ve conducted significant audience research, and developed clearly defined buyer personas for evangelistic events across the county. These personas include demographic information (like age and gender), problems and pain points, and customer feedback. So we know who is more likely to respond to your ad, and we’ve developed criteria for specifically reaching those people.

Second, split test your ads. Split testing, or A/B testing, means trying out two versions of the same ad, with a single difference between them. This might include testing two different call to action buttons, or different ad copy, or a different image. You would then measure the performance of each ad to see which version does better.

Nearly every ad campaign we do at SermonView includes split testing at some level. We are continuously learning and refining our understanding of what works.

Third, use high-quality, relevant images and copy in your advertising. Understanding what is relevant comes from experience, and today SermonView has the expertise to design high-quality images, relevant videos, and engaging copy that results in better performing ads.

Get a Better Score and Reach More People

The Facebook Relevance Score is an important measurement of effectiveness, resulting in more views at a lower cost per view. Contact us today if you’d like your Facebook video advertising to be more engaging, leading to more people at your next evangelistic event.

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